Debbie Correll
M.A. M.I.A.C.P. M.I.A.H.I.P. M.E.A.P.
"The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size."
Albert Einstein.

There is nothing more complex and awe-inspiring than the human mind. It is capable of extraordinary feats of imagination and intelligence AND at the same time our minds are vulnerable to the inevitable insults and injuries of life.

Modern science reveals that our mind health is the critical factor that determines how each of us can optimise our well-being.

Put simply, your organisation is a collection of human minds. Irrespective of its business, size, sector or culture, every organisation’s capacity to thrive rests solely on how well these minds can harmonise and work together.

In our modern world in its constant state of volatility, complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity, we know that harmony often proves to be extremely challenging.

Making sure the collective mind is as healthy and unified as possible is the single most important investment your organisation can make.

And it is why so many companies now source the expertise of specialised consultants (technically known as organisational psychotherapists).

The organisational psychotherapist brings their expertise and understanding of how human minds actually work, and how to ensure the interacting systems they create are highly functioning.

Just as importantly, these consultants ‘read’ the dynamics of your particular organisation with its own unique profile and personality, and integrates those astute observations with evidence-based theory into consultancy projects that are potent and sustainable.

The business case for buying-in this expertise is considerable. The organisational psychotherapist forms a valued business partnership with the organisation’s leadership which varies in both duration and scope. There is no need for unwieldy contracts. These ‘pop-up’ partnerships give your organisation access to the organisational psychotherapist’s qualifications and their archives of expertise gained in other rich and diverse contexts. In the current economic climate, the need for relatively low risk partnerships which yield a high return-on-investment is paramount.

CI Psychology Solutions (CIPS) led by its founding director and organisational psychotherapist, Debbie Correll, has been creating highly valued business partnerships in both the private and public sectors for 25 years. CIPS provides organisations with the knowledge and skills to allow for optimal performance and productivity and equally to manage the inevitable adversities with strategic responses that promote resiliency and growth.


"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."
Albert Einstein.

The business partnership between CIPS and the organisation’s leadership is initially established with a specific brief that is responded to with a blend of consultancy, mentoring and training projects that are fit for purpose. The ultimate proof of our effectiveness and value are the tangible benefits that accrue from the outset. Equally, our value is often reflected in the lasting relationships that are forged between us and the organisations we serve, as the following examples demonstrate:

TESTIMONIALS. Because of the sensitivity of the nature of the work we do, we are often entrusted with what is ordinarily privileged information about an organisation and its people. The following testimonials were given by the respective CEO’s and/or HR Directors of the organisations we have served. Some of these partnerships are still ongoing and to respect both confidentiality and data protection standards, we are printing these testimonials in full but omitting the names of the organisations concerned. The generosity of each testimonial is apparent as is the willingness of each of the authors to be contacted via CIPS if it supports a prospective client’s need for further discussion.

Most of our clients are quite rightly focussed on enhancing the collective mind health of their organisations. We are dedicated to the intelligence of that proactive and innovative principle.


Our work with a leading healthcare facility began with mentoring the CEO over the course of a year as the organisation was preparing for a major change management project. Over the course of the following five years, our work expanded to lead out an extensive project of Leadership Development Consultancy & Training commissioned by the CEO

XXXXXXXXXXX has undergone a significant change management process over the past 5 years. While this process was driven primarily by our Strategic Vision it was also influenced by budget cuts in excess of €5 million. As the newly appointed leader of the Senior Management Team (SMT) I believed investment in the SMT’s collective development was the critical factor needed to achieve the strategic objectives approved by the Board.

In 2010 I was introduced to Debbie Correll by a colleague with a view to assessing her company’s consultancy and its relevancy to the culture of our organisation. Following lengthy discussions, detailed preparation and analysis by Debbie I was convinced that the route of an integrated Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence programme was the way forward for this organisation. I was particularly impressed by the relationship between theory and day to day implementation. The first period of training was off site and lasted 5 days. The week yielded the positive results we were seeking, but in my opinion, the fact that much of that progress has been sustained, gives me confidence that return on investment had a real effect on the SMT’s capacity to lead XXXXXXXXXXX through the particularly tough challenges the sector has faced in the economic climate of recent years.

Debbie used several key interventions in our five year working relationship combining one-to-one mentoring, team training and group consultations and we have used a top-up approach with Debbie to address issues that may be arising from time to time (including a recent SMT training period of 3 days recently). Since undertaking this approach to Leadership I have witnessed successful change management, where crucially middle managers are now undergoing a change management review and this has been led by a sub group of the SMT using the techniques given to us during the training. To conclude, some of the qualities of Debbie that impressed me include: her detailed preparation prior to the training, her tailoring of the programme to the organisation’s needs, the in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, her ability to address directly difficult issues as they arise, her ability to assess each participant and work around their particular needs/challenges.

I have no hesitation in recommending Debbie Correll and would be happy to answer any queries you may have directly.

Our initial brief was to design and deliver an integrated 8 week Mindful@Work programme as part of a ‘great place to work’ and talent retention drive for an international telecoms company. Working with the HR Director, the project’s success led to further advanced programmes over the course of a year and achieved sustained buy-in across all functions in the organisation

I have known Debbie Correll for a number of years in her professional capacity as Mindfulness at Work subject matter expert. I have come to the conclusion that Debbie has the unique ability to talk with competence and wisdom about her chosen subjects and to do this in a such a way as to make it applicable to differing organisations facing diverse sorts of challenges with its people.  As a HR and Learning specialist, I attended one of Debbie’s public seminars with a view to assessing her training style. In particular I noted the capacity she has to create authentic, inspiring and intuitive learning environments. She has a wealth of empirical knowledge combined with practitioner skills and narratives which she very effectively uses in her interactive style. She has the ability to read an audience’s needs, align her key messages and respond with great attunement to executive and senior managements issues. As a result, she not only has the important credibility factor but is also excellent at holding attention! Debbie is driven by making a difference and will seek to challenge people and organisations to ensure this happens. Count yourself lucky when Debbie comes to town.
MM, HR and ODL Consultant

Our initial brief was to provide consultancy in the design and delivery of Emotional Intelligence Leadership programmes for a highly regarded Performance Management company. The partnership evolved along with the company’s expanding client base for over 12 months

Debbie has an incredibly diverse portfolio of experience that adds significant value to teams, individuals and organisations. In particular I would identify that Debbie’s ability to coach, to inspire and to lead in very challenging environments sets her apart from the rest.  She knows all the theory, but more importantly knows how to put it into practice. Debbie is someone that first and foremost you can trust. Her ability to deliver on the brief in ways that are not only potent but sustainable is outstanding. My confidence in her integrity and effectiveness is unwavering.

Our initial brief was to provide a series of three Strategic Planning consultancy days with the CEO/Board of a start-up company who develop financial software for the forex markets. As other needs emerged the business partnership evolved and lasted over the course of two years.

XXXXXXX is a start-up company who develop financial software which predicts financial trends in the forex markets. Whilst sounding simplistic, this space is very lucrative but very crowded with many companies depicting they have “the edge” to help trading houses forecast market direction. Our system is based on Artificial Neural Network (ANN) technology and will play a major role in the future of algorithmic trading strategies.

As a startup, XXXXXX is consistently faced with critical key decisions. As CEO of a startup, this seat can be a lonely place with shareholders watching diligently. It became clear that I needed some unbiased strategic direction. Debbie came highly recommended by a business colleague and I knew from my first meeting, she was the person I needed on the team. Debbie speaks a business language that is generic. Her insight was second to none and it didn’t take her long to get a complete grasp of our USP’s, KPI’s and market conditions. In brief, Debbie’s is invaluable as she helps us view the wood from the trees. It is wonderful to get an outside perspective by a professional who understands strategic planning. By “POP CORNING” on the whiteboard of the boardroom, it didn’t take her long to expose our weak points and vulnerabilities. It was incredible how someone who is not from our industry, had the ability to see through the issues on hand and suggest alternatives. Also Debbie helped prioritise our key issues. The ROI for Debbie’s services so far is immeasurable. The value proposition is “no-brainer”. I would highly recommend Debbie’s services to any start-up.

From 2001 CIPS has had an extraordinary business partnership with one of the leading NGO’s in Ireland. The original brief – to establish occupational health initiatives– progressed over the years to include wide-ranging projects from Mindfulness-based leadership development for the organisation’s leadership, to Mindful@Work programmes for the entire staff population

Debbie has provided organisational psychotherapy services to XXXXXXXXXXX since 2002. One of the key projects she has created for over 300 employees included a mindfulness-based Occupational Health initiative which is now a successful part of the organisation’s staff care protocols. As the organisation grew over the years, Debbie designed and developed our current mindfulness-based leadership development programme. Both our senior management and executive teams consider it crucial to help them lead in today’s very challenging environment.

Debbie has built an extensive knowledge of XXXXXXXXXXX over the years which has been of tremendous value to the leadership team in implementing our strategy, developing and managing our teams/individuals, driving change and developing our own self- awareness.  Debbie has a unique ability to energise people to look at their roles in a different way and by helping them understand relevant theory but, more importantly, to put that theory into practice.  She continues to be a huge asset to the company not least because the return on our investment is evident in our qualitative and quantitative measurements.
MC, HR Director

At the same time, all of our organisations are affected by the difficult and challenging events that life inevitably brings. We are equally dedicated to the intelligence of responding to adversity in ways which prevent un-necessary consequences and allow for business continuity with integrity


Our work with a leading EAP provider was initially established in response to one of the worst critical incidents in the history of the state under the direction of the Minister responsible at the time. Our role was to direct the psycho-social response in consultation with the company’s board and senior management within hours of this tragedy occurring. CIPS sustained the working relationship for a further 12 months to ensure recovery for all those involved was well established

XXXXXXXXXXX commissioned Debbie Correll to direct the psycho-social response to one of the worst traffic accidents in the history of the state.  Her role in this tragedy followed directives from the Minister for Transport where she advised the Board, coached Senior Management and crucially provided critical support to the primary victims and their families. She also directed and supervised our EAP affiliate counsellors (a team of 35 accredited therapists), and the ongoing evaluation of the overall effectiveness of the psychological first aid plan.   Under her direction, XXXXXXXXXXX provided a standard of care which helped prevent unnecessary consequences and ensured the resiliency and recovery of those involved.  Her expertise was invaluable for us as the EAP provide. She worked closely with me as the Managing Director, to ensure excellence in our uniformity of clinical practice and demonstrated an ability to act with clarity under extreme pressure. Her reputation as an expert in the field of mindfulness-based trauma management in both the public and private sectors in Ireland is highly regarded.
PL, Managing Director

Our work with MSD (formerly known as Schering Plough): Our role included the leadership’s preparation and execution of Site Closure announcement at one of their Irish sites which spanned a period of six months

I had the pleasure of working with Debbie Correll in the preparation and execution of our Site Closure announcement in XXXXXXXXXXX between 2008 and 2010. I found Debbie to be extremely professional and impactful in her input on planning for what needed to be done. On the site closure project, Debbie worked with both myself as HR leader and the site General Manager in the early days of planning the site closure announcement. As well as providing excellent input on how we should consider the impact of such news on almost 300 employees, she was also particularly helpful in helping the General Manager and I manage our own stress during a critical and sensitive planning period. I would not hesitate to re-engage Debbie on similar work in the future, and would highly recommend her work to other organisations.
TJ, Executive Director, HR Mid Europe

Our work with Merck Sharpe Dome: Our role was to create and maintain the organisation’s Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Policy Design and Delivery as part of the company’s Crisis and Business Continuity Plan. Our partnership began in 2002 and ended in 2014 when the multinational parent company moved the business out of Ireland

During the past 12 years, Debbie Correll has designed and delivered a proactive and comprehensive Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Policy which has been a highly valued component of the Company's overall Emergency Planning and EAP programmes. One of the key contributions Debbie made to our Company's Employee Health and Safety was the training, management and development of an internal Psychological First Aid team who were primed to respond with immediacy to a potential critical incident on-site. Our main concerns were to ensure that the CISM policy would enhance the recovery and resiliency of the organisation and ensure compliance with relevant health and safety legislation in Ireland but also with MSD's global standard of excellence in health and safety for staff, the community and the environment. I would not hesitate to recommend Debbie to any prospective client and would be happy to discuss further at my contact details above.
LM, HR Director


Debbie Correll (M.A., M.I.A.C.P., M.I.A.H.I.P. M.E.A.P.) continues to maintain her private practice which is based in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. Accredited with both the IACP and IAHIP as a psychotherapist and supervisor for the past 25 years, she has particular expertise in working with couples and people who have had traumatic experiences. With qualifications in Psychodynamic, Gestalt, and Trauma modalities, and a Masters in Mindfulness-based approaches, her approach is truly humanistic and integrative.

As a senior practitioner, she is sought out by organisations to consult and design staff-counselling services for their Employee-Assistance Programmes (EAPs) and clinical supervision training for social workers and multi-disciplinary teams. She also serves on the panel of professionals for the Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP) for their Health in Practice programme. She has contributed to the governing bodies of the psychotherapy profession in Ireland by serving on Ethics and Education committees which look to influence and ensure the quality and growth of the clinical services offered to the public.

Debbie also has a long standing reputation as an organisational psychotherapist. The innovative range of her work in both public and private sector organisations is highly valued by her clients in her private practice. To arrange a consultation or to make contact with Debbie in her private practice, please call 087 279 8862 or, if you prefer, you can email her at

" Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."
Carl Jung.

Debbie Correll (M.A., M.I.A.C.P., M.I.A.H.I.P. M.E.A.P.) is an organisational psychotherapist who has considerable experience in business. During her 10-year tenure as a marketing manager for firstly a national publishing company and then an international training company, she gained invaluable insights about diverse businesses in both the public and private sectors.

Drawn by her natural interest and results from psychometric testing, she undertook professional training to become a psychotherapist and subsequently dedicated post-graduate studies in organisational theoretical frameworks, including a Masters in Mindfulness-Based Approaches. She is regarded in her field as the subject matter expert in several domains – executive leadership, organisational systems, emotional intelligence development and psychosocial responding – and is the founding director of CI Psychology Solutions. To make contact with CI Psychology Solutions, email us at